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Insights from Lost & Found

I wonder what I'll find out next!

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Porn Map: Navy Blues Deeper in the Brig by Centaur Films


Brock Masters -- previously seen by me in the excellent Wild Rangers
Sean Storm -- who happens to have access to a guesthouse with a great pool for sunning & wetting his smooth bottom ass


Brent Everett -- skinny, muscular, long thick cock, pouty lips
Yanko -- smooth muscular skinhead with thick eyebrows
Chase Dryburgh -- freckly redhead with a farmer tan, though skinnier than me ;-)
Tristan King -- kind of scary looking top ... in a too faggy bar-whipped kind of way
Troy Kroft -- mmm, looks like he hangs out at the Eagle, but almost cute, top
JD Thunder -- really young looking, not a gym queen, tall w/ dark hair
Sage -- older uniformed fella with hot body, hot ass, except he's a top

also with

Sean Paris -- versatile jughead
Matt Sizemore -- in charge of the brig
Billie Di'angilo -- trashy random olive-skinned fella


Shore leave is about to begin :-)

We watch them all leaving the ship in their sexy uniforms, calling people on their cell phones, lining up their places to stay.

3:30 Except for Brent, who is to be stuck in the brig for stealing alcohol from the ship's stock, pleading that he'll do anything to avoid being sent to the brig ... as officer Brock Masters asks him to put his pouty lips around his cock.

The music could be worse ... it sounds like something you'd listen to with a children's fairy tale, though.

Brent can take a lot of cock down his saliva-lubricated throat. After a while, Brent starts stroking his own hard cock ... I wonder if he's gonna get into extra trouble for that ... then Brock unbuttons his uniform to show us his washboard abs ... now Brent is forced to strip, showing a very young-looking, very lean body with a tiny smooth ass ...

11:15 The fucking begins :-) Brent's back rests on a military gray desk, his black-booted feet lifted far into the air by Brock as we watch him fuck a boy who probably weighs half as much. Brent begs for more :-) It's a HOT scene, I like it, I'd take either of their places :o)

Heh, Brent gets thrown in the brig anyway, despite his efforts, simply because Brock desires to keep him.

20:40 We switch to Sean, checking into his guest house, and getting some rays in his skimpy hardened bathing suit ... before stripping and jumping into the pool, giving us all the angles of his soft-pliable ass. In the sauna he declines persistent offers from a hot man ... then he showers, as his cock gets hard, his butt gets wet and hungry, he leans into the shower, he strokes himself, he fingers his ass ... he's gonna cum in the shower, yes!

23:28 We switch back to Brent, about to undergo Brig Induction at the hands of Matt Sizemore. Induction involves being naked in front of an American flag, bending over, legs forcibly spread, and having your asshole inspected for contraband. He's thrown into a cage, naked, on a mattress, chained in, and left there with a scared face and a beating heart.

26:06 Sean, meanwhile, has called a massage therapist over for some poolside relaxation. Sean has a great voice, is very polite, your mother would ... um ... love him ... as much as you would ...

Tristan is the therapist, he's not attractive to me ... he goes inside to fix them some lemonade, and he spikes Sean's drink with what looks like GHB ;-) I've never been high on that stuff. But it will be making Sean horny and receptive ...

I've had massage training ... I'd love to give Sean a full-body working over with my lubricated hands ... his back is smooth and sexy, his butt is tremendously cute ... just the kind of ass I like to fuck. I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off his ass either. Y'all know where this is going ...eventually the ass gets fingered, the cock gets stroked, then sucked ... turns 69, first mutual cock sucking, then mutual rimming ... and the bottom gets fucked inside and out :-) Is Sean gonna flip? Nope, he cums on Tristan's butt from on high :-) But then Sean passes out, and Tristan goes to town on his passed-out-face&chest, and steals all of Sean's clothes and money.

49:15 Chase and Sean enter a gay bar :-) and talk with JD, as though there were a plot hiding in here somewhere. They all three make out in the back, they do it three-ways every way, over a barrel, onlookers jerk off, everybody is in leather, very HOT.

66:13 Sean wakes up ... he's alone, his clothes and uniform are gone ... he's naked, cum-covered, and just locked himself out of the house.

67:12 Back to the redhead and the others in the bar, who just got arrested for being in a gay bar, and are now being Inducted into the Brig by Matt, while naked Brent watches from behind the chain-link, getting hard, stroking his longo cock. But once the others are brought in, they are all forced to have sex.

70:00 Now we're in the video store with Billie, who is pounding his meat while watching XXX on the monitor, then we fall into the monitor and see the scene directly. This is NOT for me, I'm skipping it.

76:00 Yanko is talking to Billie about which videos to rent. I so don't want to watch them do anything together. This video is not 100% throughput, I need to skip ahead!

80:43 A robbery in the video store! Troy is a bad guy. He's got both Yanko and Billie. Robbery becomes subordinated to the need to tie up Billie and get head from Yanko. Troy has hot pierced nipples. I'm not really into these guys, though, I'm skipping.

91:37 Back to the forced-sex action inside the Brig :-)

That's it for today. I'm gonna lie back and watch now. And shoot my load.


Eventually they all gather in the Brig for a big orgy, circle jerk, what have you.

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