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Five of Five: Interpretations

(The first interpretation is adapted from a previous essay I wrote on 6/20/02, I'll be adding more interpretations later.)

My Life: Five of Cups

Sorrow -- Melancholy -- Disappointment in Love

I have spent a lot of energy pursuing loving relationships, throughout my adult life. I have spent very little time being "single", much less "happily single". When I've been single I've done all I could to pursue being coupled. Until the summer of 2002.

The Five of Cups in my Tarot shows an angry figure, crying under rainclouds, apparently stung by a bee, having kicked over three cups in the foreground, while two cups remain standing in the background.

The three cups in the foreground represent, to me, the three times I've believed that a loving relationship would last forever unchanged -- my three broken hearts. The two cups in the background represent, to me, that I've got two more hearts in reserve. Who are they for? Perhaps one is for myself, never to be given to another. Perhaps the other is for my relationship with the world-at-large, through my spirituality. Perhaps I'll never again give so much of my heart to one other person. (Though I'm still good friends with all three of those special men.)

The overturned cups often depicted on this card symbolize disappointments, particularly in relationships, bringing much sadness. But what has been lost is not necessarily irretrievable, for two cups remain upright, suggesting that painful emotional experiences can lead to a turning of the tide, if we are willing to acknowledge that there is still something left to build upon.

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