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The Creative Writing Buzz

In the past I've felt this kind of buzz while redesigning my web site. I haven't felt it about creative writing in at least 15 years. Back then I figured I didn't have enough life-experience to be a writer.

I worry now that I have a lot to learn about the craft. I feel like a beginner in an extremely competitive field, and I'm not sure I can compete with the best of them, yet. Not that the best sellers are all that good ... there are as many ways to write as there are writers, and different readers value the same works for different reasons.

Becoming a writer could finally become the career option that consumes me.

Writing well requires reading well, and practice, and opening myself to critique and editing.

I could start with smaller circulation publications that wouldn't pay, but that would be happy to receive good submissions. Then I'd be "in print" and would have something to point to as I climbed to the next level.

There must be books on "how to become a writer" or "publication for dummies."

But the best part is simply being creative, putting ideas together and watching them develop. Running into dead ends and then finding ways out, either in real-time, or by backing up and placing secret doors inside earlier chapters.

After I finish my photography class I want to take a writing class.

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